4 Ways Challenge Participants Are Spending and Saving Smarter

Money can be a major source of stress, but one small Better Choice can make a big difference. Here’s how four Thrive Challenge participants are spending less and saving more.

When online shopping, leave items in your virtual cart for 24 hours
“This helps you think through your purchase and avoid impulse buying.” — Robert Langford, Supercenter #1702; Melbourne, FL

Pay your bills on the first of each month
“This gives me a really good idea of how much I have to work with for the rest of the month. I figure out what I need for living expenses and then put the rest in savings.” Starlene Martin, Supercenter #0826; Farmington, N.M.

Instead of shopping or browsing online when you’re bored, go outside
“We’re spending time outside to pass the time, and saving money, too. We write down what we’re spending money on and save up for small things, like a hammock we now use to watch the sunset at the end of our hikes.” — Brittni DeWit, Sam’s Club Customer; Norton Shores, MI

Don’t bring your credit card to work
“Instead, I take money out from the ATM so I have a limit.” — Melanie Fairclough, Supercenter #5347; Estero, FL

4 Ways Challenge Participants Are Spending and Saving Smarter
Try these tips to set yourself up for success.
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